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We provide the work for you and you decide how you want to manage it.
You tell us how many instructions you would like and we accommodate your needs.
We can provide additional locations if you want to work outside of your usual base or you can practise at your regular place of work.
You decide how much time you want to devote to medico-legal work; you may work only in the evenings or weekends, around your usual commitments, or you might want to offer more of a full-time service, either way we work around you.


With Rapid Response Reporting Ltd you have the choice of us transcribing the dictations for you – we can provide you with a digital dictaphone or, if you already have one, we can transcribe the reports on your behalf – or If you wish to type your own reports you can, it is entirely up to you.

What Do I Do Next?

All we need from you is

A copy of your current CV - with the number of  medical-legal reports you have written in the past year..

A sample of a previous medical report.

The locations in which you are able to work and any in which you would like to work. Your waiting times and any imminent holiday dates you have arranged.


Mr P. Liss

" I have been working with Rapid Response Reporting for three years and have found my association with this agency to be extremely rewarding.

The help and advice its staff have given me when I have been writing reports has saved me both time and money."

Mr A Khan

" With Rapid Response you are guaranteed prompt payment every time and I have never felt a need to look elsewhere for medical-legal work."

Mr J Pauling

" The training course that they arranged for me expanded my knowledgeof the medico-legal arena and has proved very valuable. "

If you are interested in joining our panel or have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

0844 414 8808